President’s Message 1


In the Name of Allah, Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

Praise be to Allah Azzawajal. Peace and Blessings be Upon His beloved Prophet SAW

This year, 2009, mark the 19th year of PPIM’s existence. As far as chronological age goes. PPIM is at the end of its teenage life and fast approaching adulthood. However as far as biological age is concern, PPIM has probably attained maturity beyond its age. From a society which was originally conceived by a group of specialists, some senior but many rather young, and perceived as an elitist Muslim specialists’ society , it now has global reach with membership extended to doctors, nurses paramedics and a strong medical student following. The pinnacle of its achievement thus far is probably its global leadership role, through Federation of Islamic Medical Association ( FIMA ), International Islamic Hospital Consortium ( IIHC ) and Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges ( CIMCO) all headed by past presidents of PPIM. PPIM is where it is now, with the will of Allah, through the leadership of its past presidents and dedication of its members. Taking it beyond its current achievements will be the task of the present and future leadership. It is needless to say a daunting and challenging task. However will Allah’s permission and help nothing is impossible

The current EXCO was entrusted with this leadership Amanah six moths ago. It is a good mix of seniors and juniors in the health profession covering both the public and private sectors. There had already been three council meetings. The current EXCO whilst agreeing to consolidate niche areas which PPIM is renowned for had already made plans for new areas of PPIM ‘s involvement. A series of programmes had been planned for the next two years which will hopefully help translate these niat into amal . Mainstreaming PPIM will be the emphasis for the next two years. This will also be the theme of the next Annual Scientific Meeting ( ASM ) which will be held in Johor Bahru from the 10th to 12th July 2009. For the first time, the ASM will be followed by an International Student Chapter Conference targeting the diaspora of Malaysian medical students worldwide, organised by students for students. PPIM will also pay special attention to the plight of junior doctors and their welfare. Efforts have already been initiated with the Ministry of Health and a national level conference for juniors and specialist in training will be organise in the near future, inshaAllah . On the training front, PPIM will be more involved in the Islamisation of the medical curriculum and in Continuing Professional Development programmes for health professionals. On public education, misunderstanding on what is perceived as Islamic Medicine is still widespread and PPIM will assist the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education to clarify the issue further. Efforts have already been initiated and by years’ end there will be programmes to bring the message across to the public.

May Allah give us strength to shoulder the various taklif which He wants us to shoulder as part of our reason for existence in this temporary world.

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman
Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and Hospital Pakar An Nur
rashid@ cybermed,,

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