IMAM UK & Eire Symposium 09 Report

The symposium was held in Hebdenhey Scout Camp in Halifax , West Yorkshire from the 20th to 22nd March 2009. This time round, the camp was organized in similar format to the pre-departure camp, away from the usual conference style trademark of the past 5 gatherings before.

The Camp was well attended with almost 80 medical students from all over United .Kingdom and Ireland and 5 doctors- Dr Al Hady ( Intenservist), Dr Iqbal ( Paediatrician), Dr Morni (Psychiatrist), Dr Md Ariff (SHO), Dr Nik Munirah (SHO) and Dr Amaluddin , representing PPIM Central Committee who is also the Exco for Student Chapters.

The camp was situated deep into the countryside and the cold chilling weather was very suitable for indoor and some outdoor activities when the weather permits. There were 5 different invited speakers. The main theme of the Camp was “What they didn’t teach you in the medical school”.

The first night began with a casual programme of ice-breaking and knowing each other including a session with Dr Amal regarding introduction to PPIM and its activities. The first morning began with fajr prayer, tazkirah ( by Dr. Amal) and breakfast. This was followed by an outdoor ‘Tai Chi” session with Master tai chi Shamsir- a brother from London. This was followed by jungle trekking into the woods and they are back by mid morning for the first session on “ Islam and Medicine “ by Dr Al Hady. This was then followed by an outdoor suturing technique session. After break and lunch, there is Fiqh Ibadah session with Ustaz Erfino from Malaysian Students Department , London, a 2 hr session with short talk and Q & A session on various issues pertaining to ibadah pesakit and Fiqh of medicine. This was followed by dinner, prayer and night session on “ Medical Profession as Ibadah” by Dr Amal from 8- 10 pm. The group then broke up into 5 small team and each team had a doctor for a career guidance session which ended at 12 midnight.

Second day again started with fajr prayer, tazkirah ( by Dr Amal) and taichi part 2.Then a talk was delivered by Dr Hady on Extreme Medicine followed by an outdoor practical session. In the afternoon there was a presentation on student chapter projects and activities and programme ended at 2 pm.

This camp have shown the enthusiasm and spirits of the participants who came all the way from various parts of UK and Ireland. They were very keen on the topics presented and take good part in all the activities. There were also discussion on what to do next and the future direction of IMAM Student chapter. This includes their upcoming AGM and summer camp projects. They were also informed of the new PPIM line–up, SOP on doing projects under PPIM and PPIM pre Congress meeting for Medical Students on 13th July in Johor. Most of the medical students attending the camps were juniors but at least 30 of them are IMAM activist amongst the seniors. The first batch of IMAM UK & Eire has just graduated, some are still in the UK, most has gone back to Malaysia. Dr Nik Munirah who was the first IMAM Sec Gen will take up the challenge of galvanizing ex IMAM UK/ Eire members when she come back to Malaysia this summer.

PPIM should look forward to garner the aspiration and support of this new generation of enthusiastic IMAM members to be the pillar members and activists of PPIM.

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