President’s Message 1/2012

Assalamualaikum wrt

Saudara/i ahli PPIM-net yang dikasihi sekalian.

Sama-samalah kita memanjatkan kesyukuran kepada Allah subhanahu wata’ala atas nikmat kesihatan dan kesejahteraan yang diberikanNya. Kita juga bersyukur 5th FIMA Conference 2012 /14th IMAM Scientific Meeting( 13-15 September 2012) telah selesai dengan jayanya di mana ia telah dihadiri oleh lebih dari 500 peserta dari dalam dan luar negara.


Pada petang 14 September 2012, kita juga telah berjaya mengadakan Biennial General Meeting dan senarai ahli jawatan kuasa (JK) pusat PPIM (IMAM) bagi sessi 2012-2014 yang baru adalah seperti berikut:


Presiden : Prof Dato’ Dr Abd. Rahim Mohamad

Timbalan Presiden : Prof. Madya Dr Amaluddin Ahmad

Setiausaha : Dr Muhammad Munawar Mohamed Hatta

Penolong setiausaha : Dr Rafidah Bahari

Bendahari : Prof. Madya Dr Ahmad Asmadi Yusof


Prof. Dr Abd Rashid Abd Rahman

Dr Suhazeli Abdullah

Dr Norhin Tamby Kadir

Dr Azlan Helmy Abd Samat


Barisan AJK yang baru telah mengadakan mesyuarat pertama pada Sabtu 22/9/2012 dan insyaAllah akan memaklumkan ahli melalui PPIM-net , akan rancangan yang akan dilaksanakan  termasuk memperbanyak kursus-kursus penghayatan Islam kepada ahli  dan bukan ahli bagi meningkatkan kefahaman bagi melaksanakan tugas dalam bidang masing-masing. JK Pusat IMAM juga bercadang untuk  menubuhkan Koperasi IMAM bagi memudahkan aktiviti yang melibatkan kutipan/pengeluaran wang untuk aktiviti yang dijalankan.


Adalah menjadi harapan kami agar ahli-ahli dapat memberikan pandangan dan cadangan baru agar IMAM dapat ditingkatkan aktivitinya selaras dengan penerusan aktiviti sediaada.


Kami memohon semua ahli mendoakan agar kami dapat menjalankan amanah ini dengan terbaik dan memenuhi hasrat semua.



Abd. Rahim Mohamad (ARM)

President’s Messages Update 28

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

May this note find all in the best of health physicaly and spiritually

  1. Gaza As all netters will have known by now, Viva Palestina and Global March to Jeruselam is organsing an event this weekned. Dato Dr. Musa has send quite a few updates on this. PPIM is in full support of these initaitives. All those in Klang Valley this weekend are strongly encouraged to attend. Some NGOs have already started building up to the occasion by organising motorcade last weekend to increase public awareness on the programme. PPIM is also helping junior specialist from Gaza obtain subspeciality hands on training stint in Malaysia for between 3-6 months. Funding has been secured and what we need are HODs to accomodate these junior specialists. Malaysia is the only country in th eworld which does not require a visa for Palestinians to come. HODs who can assist please drop me a line and I will give their Cvs and we will take it from there. For thsoe in MOH , once you agree , I will write to Dato Seri DG formally for permission. We will do it as G to G arrangement facilitated by PPIM inshaAllah
  2. Syrian Appeal Jazakum Allah Khairan Kathiran to those who have contributed. More is needed as things are getting more desperate . FIMA though IMA Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey are doing a lot on the ground. The laest we can do is give our financial assistance and continous doas . As some would have known by now 3 Islamic NGOs ( IKRAM, ABIM, HALUAN ) have demonstrated and send Memo of protest to teh Syrian Embassy two Fridays ago
  3. FIMA 2012 Registrations are trickling in. I am sure all netters ( there are just over 1000 of us at last count 2 days ago ) would have received e mail blast from Dr. Suhazeli, our moderator. Please take this opportunity to get early bird registration offer and as PPIM members there is further discount. The MOH has given full support and blessing with Dato Seri DG himself writing to me to that effect. MOH members please take this opportunity to register. 200 posters and relevant infos have been sent to MOH facilities and others to Deans of Faculties of Medicine. Please also submit free papers. Dead line for free papers and Early bird is 1st June. 4. Medical Industry and Fraudulent Research Jazak Allah khairan to doctor Azman for more postings on the subject. The lesson to learn from all these is as Muslims we msut be actively involved in research at all levels , not just being cynical (being critical is ok) about it. Once we are actively involved, we will be the vanguard of quality and ethical research. It was good quality research which caused many drugs to be withdrawn from the market . The list includes many block busters and potential block buster ( mibefradil, cerivastatin, rosiglitazone, rimonabant, rofecoxib, sibutramine,). So my advise to prescribers among us is not to practice ‘ Fashionable Medicine’ by using products; drugs , devices or diagnostic tools before there are compelling and consistent evidence on its efficacy and safety. It will be good and ethical research which will eventually decide whether vaccines under questions currently are safe or otherwise The doctor who ‘repented’ after giving years of talk on HRT and CV in peri menopausal and menopausal women is a case of being paid to give talks when the evidence is not compelling. 30 observational studies showed than HRT may be useful ( that was when he went round convincing people to use it and being paid in the process ). When two mega RCTs on the issue was done, both end up negative. If he is ethical , he should write an article apologizing to his listeners for spreading hard baked research findings and being paid for that Another thread with these unbalanced postings is that they are trying to promote TCM products. Even TCM has its fair share of half cook and fraudulent research. More on this later Allah Knows Best .

We Human Have to Strive

Prof Dr Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman

President’s Message 27

1. FIMA 2012 November 13-15th Istana Hotel,KL
Attached is the final programme for the above. Sorry for the delay in sending. Had to get the clearance from FIMA Council before announcing. PPIM ( IMAM ) netters are the first to see this. Poster invitation will be send next. Please give us a many contact as possible who you think should receive the poster. Please mark your diary.  Please invite friend to come along including from overseas
2. Syria Relief
FIMA through its( IMALB)  IMA Lebanon is working hard to deal with the avalanche of refugees into Jordan . IMANA ( IMA North America ) despatched USD50K worth of medicine few days ago. I call upon all IMAM members to chip in by sending your donation to our account at  Bank Muamalat AC 1207000459719. May Allah reward all your efforts in plentiful. Please drop me a line when you have done it
3. IMAM s response to national issues
I call upon experts from among us to lend your expertise to draft technical responses on natonal issues be it Lynas, 1Care etc. As professional NGOs we have to approach it professionally. Forwarding responses from others is one thing but having our own well thought of response is another. A case in point; we have been informed that JAKIM has made a Fatwa that female circumcision is Wajib . IMAM was called last week to endorse not only the Fatwa but also the ‘how to do it’ . Our rep Dr. Ariza ( OGist APSH ) disagreed with what  was presented and we are preparing a formal response to be discussed in this weekends EXCO. Can I call upon others to follow suit on issues you think IMAM should voice out
4. Relationship between Health Industry and Medical Fraternity
Jazak Allah to netters for bringing it up. When I was in MMC I wrote a guideline on this and you can access it through the MMC documents on Code of Professional Conduct. I will also be forwarding articles and presentation I made years ago to the Academy of Medicine (  if I can retrieve it!). This is one area were we need to be professional and not just join the bandwagon of blind criticism. Early next month  I will be attending  PIMA ( Pakistan IMA ) Annual Scientific Meeting where one of the Guidelines to be launched by them is on this particular topic. The PIMA brothers even utilised fund direct from Pharma company to fly me there. PIMA unlike IMAM is a major CPD provider in Pakistan more than the Pakistan Medical Associaton. As such they have a vibrant but ethical relationship with the Health Industry. In Malaysia , in my now almost 20 years involvment in CPD activities, it is mostly non Muslims doctors who are active with CPD. Maybe the muslims shy away because they think it is all corruption?
Allah Knows Best. We Human Have to Strive

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman

President’s Message: Allah Knows Best We Human Have to Strive

1. PPIM ASM 2011

Although it has been more than a month, let me once again congratulate the Perak Chapter for an excellent organisation of the last ASM. The feedback has all been very positive. It is most  gratifying when you know that it was done at the last minute with the state chapter chairman, secretary and assistant secretary all away on hajj/ official duties during the organisational period . To Drs. Zabidah and Dr. Wahi. Jazak Allah kahiran kathiran

The only states which have yet to organise ASM are Kedah/ Perlis, Melaka and Sarawak. It is our wish that all will have the chance to orgnise before we come back to KL but for next year we will have to make an exception

2. PPIM/FIMA 2012

It is now official that PPIM will host FIMA 2012. It will be held in the Istana Hotel KL between the13-15th of September.  The Theme will be ” Health and the Muslim World: Meeting the Mellinnium Development Goals “.  The first announcement and programme layout will be out within two weeks inshaAllah. We are hoping to get Dr. Elias Zerhouni, ex Director of NIH USA to come over as our main guest speaker inshaAllah. Although we have settled the main  organizational structure for the meeting,  I take this invitation to invite those interested to sit in the various subcommittee which we have. If interested please drop me a line and mention which subcommittee you will want to contribute

3. Rumah Solehah

It is now 12 years since PPIM started the Rumah Solehah project . It remains the only registered HIV shelter organised by a Muslim NGO in Malaysia. The only other one which was politically motivated has now ceased to be officially recognised by the ROS. In a few days time original  Rumah Solehah in Cheras will be handed over to the tenant and the new permanent premise  in Kampong Pandan will be the main abode. Last weekend  I attended a ceremony/ open house at Cheras and was most touched by the performances of the children. The many volunteers who attended were so touched that after listening to a nasyid performance a few of them approached Matron Fadilah asking how they can do ‘solat taubah’. As you can probably appreciate , some of these volunteers are themselves adopting high risk behaviours and the children did their part in making dakwah to them. Subhanallah

IMAM President

President’s Message 1


In the Name of Allah, Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

Praise be to Allah Azzawajal. Peace and Blessings be Upon His beloved Prophet SAW

This year, 2009, mark the 19th year of PPIM’s existence. As far as chronological age goes. PPIM is at the end of its teenage life and fast approaching adulthood. However as far as biological age is concern, PPIM has probably attained maturity beyond its age. From a society which was originally conceived by a group of specialists, some senior but many rather young, and perceived as an elitist Muslim specialists’ society , it now has global reach with membership extended to doctors, nurses paramedics and a strong medical student following. The pinnacle of its achievement thus far is probably its global leadership role, through Federation of Islamic Medical Association ( FIMA ), International Islamic Hospital Consortium ( IIHC ) and Consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges ( CIMCO) all headed by past presidents of PPIM. PPIM is where it is now, with the will of Allah, through the leadership of its past presidents and dedication of its members. Taking it beyond its current achievements will be the task of the present and future leadership. It is needless to say a daunting and challenging task. However will Allah’s permission and help nothing is impossible
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